A close look at the Pacific Energy gas heating options

August 30, 2018 0 By Saidul Hoque

What are the main advantages of buying a gas fireplace? It lights up in minutes, just by touching a button. It’s the most affordable heating option, cheaper than both wood and electricity. Its fuel is available throughout the year, and it doesn’t require additional processes like logging or seasoning. Depending on the type of heater you buy, it can be environmentally friendly, with low emissions.

In practical terms, gas heaters give off minimal sparks while they burn. There’s no ash and very little soot, so clean-up is easier. Gas burners can accumulate grime though, so you’ll need to have it professionally cleaned a few times a year. Gas fireplaces can heat up a large area, and if you install a flue system, you can use a single furnace to warm the whole house using a network of pipes and vents. Also, gas heaters can be really pretty.

These days, almost every fireplace manufacturer has a line of gas heaters, from Lopi to Real Flame. How do you decide which company you should buy from, and what’s so special about Pacific Energy? Well, they’ve been around since 1980 and are known for their dedication to environmental sustainability. To enhance burning efficiency, Pacific Energy heaters don’t use louvres because they occupy a lot of space.

A heart-warming view

Nowadays, the glass viewing panel is a standard feature in furnaces, whether they’re powered by wood, gas, or electricity. A few biofuel burners have them too. Pacific Energy gas burners have specialty glass that has low glare and is protected by a layer of micromesh safety wire made from stainless steel. The company uses hi-tech engineering systems to extend the life of your gas heater.

Their furnaces are highly customisable, with a variety of options for the size and style of your burner and the interior surfaces of your fireplace. Your gas burns efficiently because these inner surfaces contain porcelain titanium baffles with highly reflective faces. They radiate heat, raising the temperature of the fireplace and cutting down emissions in the process. You can manage the amount of heat produced and the size of the flames.

If you like, you can buy a fan for enhanced distribution of heat and have your dealer install it. Heat exchangers are also available, with highly efficient aluminium fins. Exchangers use convection systems to spread heat within your home. Safety features are incorporated to ensure a clean burn. Pacific Energy gas fireplaces have a fuel mesh system that removes impurities from your gas before it burns, minimising pollution and waste.

Safe and green

They also have pressure systems to prevent overheating and/or explosions. Style-wise, Pacific Energy currently has three lines of gas heaters, including stoves, linear in-builts, and hearth-positioned inserts. Popular models include Mirage and Esprit. Esprit is a linear landscape-oriented fireplace with remote access that’s easy to programme. It has a safety fascia that is both beautiful and functional, providing additional furnace safety.

Its heat exchangers are made of steel rather than aluminium, and it ‘burns’ artificial driftwood in its roaring gas flames, though there’s an option to replace the ‘wood’ with crushed glass and river rocks. The glass panel measures 320 square inches, and the firebox comes in six colours, with internal fireboxes made from porcelain enamel, stone, or brick. The gas heater has an impressive efficiency rating of 72.1% and BTUs well over 25,000.

If you prefer a free-standing unit, you could pick the Trenton or the Mirage. Trentons are designed like traditional wood stoves, with decorative cast iron doors that can be opened to reveal beautiful flames burning behind the large safety glass that measures 340 square inches. It has a healthy BTU of 24,000, efficiency rating of 74.4% and an AFUE of 75.0%.

Freestanding furnaces

Trentons have illuminated floors, dual blowers, rear vents, and cast iron legs to level put the fireplace. The entire body of the gas heater is cast iron so heat spreads evenly from the top of the furnace to its bottom. The heater burns a set of artificial logs, and can use natural gas or LPG. You can buy it in black, white, or brown. On the other hand, the Mirage comes in two versions – the 18 and the 30 – named for their output when using natural gas.

The Mirage 18 gives of 18,000 BTU, while the Mirage 30 has a much higher 30,000 BTU. Both heaters stand at floor level though their height is adjustable. Their convection system uses bottom and top vents for consistent floor-to-ceiling heating and optimal circulation of air. They come in multiple colours and can be operated by remote.


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