9 Reasons Why Brand Marketing is Important for a Business

May 7, 2018 0 By Saidul Hoque

No matter the size of a business, brand marketing always play a crucial role, and it goes way beyond the logo or graphic element. When thinking about your brand, you have to think of your customers’ entire experience. That means everything from your logo to your website to your social media experiences to the kind of customer experience your staff provides.

In case you did not know, a brand is consist of the eight basic building blocks. They are as follows:

  • Name
  • Logo or Brand Icon
  • Brand’s Colors
  • Slogan or Brand Messaging
  • The sound of the Brand
  • Overall Look and Feel (a.k.a. Brand Positioning)
  • Packaging the Brand
  • Total Brand Experience

In its most organic form, branding serves as the link that connects your company to your customers and vice versa. Hence it is important that you take good care of it. Here are 9 reasons why it is important to your company’s success.

#1. Asset

Yes, that is right – your brand is an asset. What you exactly present to the public is a large part of your business. And mind you, the worth is just as significant as sales and revenues. To put it simply, a lot is at stake here, such as finances, time, and creativity. Branding, when done correctly, can make a huge difference between sales/revenues and liquidation/debt.

#2. Unison

Branding links everything about your business, from logo to products and services to online presence to public appeal. This is why you need to make your brand marketing as consistent as possible, ensuring that all content across all channels speaks of the same message. Doing so can result in unison and thus gives customers a clearer message. This even opens to future partnerships and deals.

#3. Sets You Apart

Given the current global market, it is almost impossible to stand out from the rest of the competition but it should be your goal. Keep in mind that you are not just there to compete on a local level; your business now has access to world’s economy. Go for a brand marketing that helps customers easily understand what your business is all about. It is also critical that this marketing strategy of yours is unlike any other in the competition.

#4. Promotes Better Sales and Revenue

Branding is key to creating better sales and revenue for your business. The money you make, however, is solely based on how effective your brand marketing strategy is. Of course, if it makes sense, customers will be encouraged to test you out. From there, you can determine if the results, in one way or another, are making more sales or not.

#5. Consistent Deliverance

Branding is more of a proclamation, so you basically have to deliver all promises and claims your company makes. Everything your business believes or stands for should also be magnified throughout the organization. Otherwise, there will be a certain disconnection within the company and your customers will either grow confused or distant. In other words, do not make promises that you are not willing to keep or unsure of doing.

#6. Encourages Trust

The moment your customers understand your business and what you exactly do, they will begin to trust you. But in order for this trust to be built, you must first give them a reason to test you out. This is where your branding must be spot on as the very first customers will decide how many or less you will receive in the long run.

Here are some best practices in earning the trust of your customers:

  • Practice exceptional customer service.
  • Promote positive experience online.
  • Make sure communication between you and your customers is clear and consistent.
  • Reach out to customers for feedback and suggestions.

#7.  Loyalty

As long as you promote a good branding, there is no doubt it will create customer loyalty. And if customers are loyal, they will continue supporting your business in either good or bad times. They will even see to it that a positive message is spread to the people they know. As you can see, their influence will help you acquire even more customers.

#8. Perception

Branding gives your business a chance to allow customers to see the company for who you really are. So, as much as possible, you have to be honest and open about what your business represents. From the look, all the way to the message conveyed will separate your business from the rest of the pack.

#9. Business Value

Think about all those products that you have purchased. Do you think these companies are really worth their products or services? Apparently, they are not. That is because their worth is so much more compared to all their physical assets. This is thanks to their brand for creating a value that surpasses their physical value and worth. A strong brand is one that will provide you value well beyond what your physical assets can provide.


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