7 Tips for Keeping Your Marble Basin Clean

7 Tips for Keeping Your Marble Basin Clean

May 4, 2018 0 By Saidul Hoque

Sophisticated, unique and cultured. That’s what marble conjures up when you think of it. Adding it to your home will only elevate it in style and make you feel like you have the best taste in the world.

Even though marble is a beautiful add-on to any home, it has certain instructions when it comes to taking care of it. It’s not just something you can clean once a week or when you feel like it’s time to give it a scrub.

Here are a few tips to keep your marble basin clean and looking like the day you had it installed:


Sponge or Cloth

Repeat it with me, these are the only two items you need when wiping up spills and the toothpaste that dropped from your toothbrush. Add warm water or specially formulated marble cleaner and give the spill and the rest of your basin a good rub down.



As mentioned above you should only use the mentioned items. Another thing you should do is not leave the spill to be wiped off the next day you’re planning to clean. If a spill happens wipe it down immediately. So keep your marble-sensitive products in your bathroom so you don’t have to go all the way to the kitchen to get it. A small space in the cabinet behind your extra shampoo will do just fine.


 Bathroom Tray

When you have a marble basin, most of the times the surface will also be of the same marble. Use a bathroom tray to keep all your bathroom products on so if one drips while you’re at work it won’t lay and eat at your marble countertop.


All That Citrus and Ammonia

Using any of the above products or produce will only cause your basin to become dull because they all have some form of acidity that you don’t want near your marble sink.

A sponge and cloth with warm water are still all you need when cleaning daily, and weekly you should a cleaning product specifically formulated for marble.


Generic Household Cleaners

Any cleaning products from your local grocer or shop will contain acid and a myriad of other chemicals that will only damage and dull your marble basin. If the marble has a sealant it will also wear it down and leave it vulnerable to the chemically laden cleaning products you are using.


Hair Dryers and Curling/Straightening Irons

Marble scorches very easily so don’t rest your hair dryer or warm iron in the basin to cool down because you know in the back of your head it isn’t flammable. We know you might be late and you don’t want your iron burning a hole anywhere so that’s the easiest and quickest choice. Rather have hooks inserted specifically for your dryer and warm irons to hang from. That way you know everything is safe and it’s away from anything that can catch fire. It also makes your bathroom look a lot neater and your hair dryer and warm irons will now have a permanent place.



Perhaps the most important step when keeping your marble basin clean is to make sure a sealant is applied so it can fill up the pores. When the pores are filled with the sealant no product can get stuck in there and ruin your beautiful sink.

Any spills are absorbed a lot slower so it gives you times to wipe it down without worrying that any have already run into the pores. If that does happen it will damage the marble in the long run.

If you follow these 7 simple tips your marble basin will look amazing even a few years down the line.


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