4 Obstacles of Personal Improvement

4 Obstacles of Personal Improvement

August 2, 2018 0 By Saidul Hoque

Personal improvement is an inevitable exit from a life of despair. If we want to improve our lives, then we have to change our lifestyle. It’s a personal effort that comes alongside personal improvement. We naturally want to be happy and contented with ourselves in a life of fulfillment. Think of what happens when you get a great idea about something you want to do— a creative project, a new business, a vacation and so on.  It is important to identify the obstacles that keep holding you back from experiencing the personal improvement feats that others can pull off so glaringly.

Personal improvement is a critical element in modeling our lives, and of course, nothing good comes easy. That implies that a substantial personal effort or improvement is needed to realize anything worth celebrating.

What are therefore the obstacles that stop us from improving ourselves? In this article, we will describe important barriers that stand in the way of personal improvement.


Lack Of Immediate Results

In life, we create many goals and work to achieve them throughout our lives. Every goal that we seek to achieve has a 50 percent chance of success or failure.T he thing is, most of us focus only on the cons and failures and by that, we increase the chances of failure to as large as 80 percent or even more in our mind.

The best thing is set a time limit for your goals such that when you make a decision, you will in turn act on it. If not, you will ever be changing your thoughts from one angle to another.

So learn to stick to your decisions by acting upon them using the time limits you personally set.  Time limits or deadlines are quite important. It matters less whether your decisions are small or bad. With such an approach, you will never reach your goals and failure will be your destiny.

Finally, we will surely be discouraged and disappointed if we do not get a visible short-term result from our actions. However, the reality is that success is not imminent but gradual and hence it is capital to have the required dose of patience to sow the seeds you will harvest. We only harvest what we sow, and a good harvest precedes good sowing.



Laziness is leaning towards lethargy to remain in one’s comfort zone without the wanting to step away to something new. It is the desire to remain in one’s usual terrain of security and emotional comfort. This concept of looking at the short-term very satisfactorily is borne out nothing but laziness.

We often adopt behaviours and attitudes that force us to say things like” I don’t feel like doing anything” Sometimes, feeling lazy and not wanting to do anything is common and normal but in cases in which these feelings persist and can’t leave, it becomes alarming. It can at this time be a clear indication that your personal growth or improvement is experiencing a downward spiral.

Consistently preventing yourself from going or hanging out with others including peers, feeling constantly sad, finding it hard to jump out of bed in the morning, and putting yourself down or procrastinating can result in devastating consequences. Self-improvement is a slow process that comes with gradual and great results.



Change is permanent, and if you don’t make it happen, it’ll make itself happen to your detriment. Change is critical in every aspect of life for personal improvement via your lifestyle. Throughout our lives, it is natural and normal to reach a time in which we must make some changes in our routine. These are hatching a personal plan, leaving our family, changing the city, leaving our partner, daring to get a new job, and so on.

It is completely normal that a feeling of fear will develop in you. A feeling of fear that can hold us down not to dare take that life-changing step. Thus, we stay anchored helplessly in our comfort zone. Remember, courage is the ability to overcome fear no matter how developed that feeling of fear is in us.

Loss Of Command: You may be scared of losing stuff such as not having your usual command in everyday scenarios of the professional routine. For instance, feeling nervous when it’s time to have a conversation with the boss or during a work meeting. A person may as well fear the level of competence they are expected to display in the office to do all the tasks corresponding to their position.

Measuring Up: The fear of not being able to measure up to the circumstances and the resulting negative evaluation that may come from their superior. This behaviour is also considered as a type of social anxiety disorder.

This is one of the most consequential obstacles to the process of personal improvement or development. It is then fear that individuals can experience before the unknown. Yes, fear of the unknown. It is convenient and natural to have a realistic concept of fear because fear itself never completely evaporates. You have to live with it.


Negative Thinking

It is estimated that a functioning person has 70,000 thoughts per day. This implies that you have 70,000 chances to either build yourself up or tear it down. If you are a pessimist, you’ll disbelieve your abilities and second-guess your decisions, and as a consequence, impair your performance. You don’t want to risk your psychological health by always being in trouble with decision-making and self-fulfillment. Negative thinking is like putting oneself in a psychological sort of prison.

Before Henry Ford invented the Ford, he faced many obstacles. He went bankrupt and yet improved himself beyond the bankruptcy and into success. Obstacles never stopped him.

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